The nursing profession focuses on delivering safe and quality healthcare and putting the needs of the patient first.

Nursing isn’t just a career but a passion and a calling.

How to apply

Please read the information and instructions carefully before completing the application form.
Campus preference for undergraduate will be considered, but acceptance at a campus remains the discretion of the College.

Student Life

The WCCN campuses provides a variety of services and facilities to ensure a healthy lifestyle and positive academic environment for students where they may discover important core values and develop intellectually. Students learn to rely on their strengths and are encouraged to have a positive impact on their peers as well as in their communities. For your safety all the campus are access controlled, with security guards on duty 24/7 as well as security cameras located and key positions. At WCCN learners will have access to comfortable and modern learning spaces, catering, facilities for sports such as swimming, soccer, gym and ample resources in the library.

Student Resources

Learners will have access to a variety of teaching and learning resources. By means of blended teaching and learning methods, WCCN strives to combine the merits of both traditional and online learning in order to provide learners with a more engaging learning experience that allows for flexibility, remote learning, social learning and global collaboration.


The four original nursing colleges in the Western Cape (Carinus, Nico Malan, Sarley Dolly and Otto du Plessis) were amalgamated in 2000 and the Western Cape College of Nursing was established. The Western Cape College of Nursing was expended since 2010 to a Multi Campus training Institution


Western Cape College of Nursing attracts many prospective nurses and professionals from all over South Africa and we stay committed to academic excellence and social integration.


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