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Our Campuses

The four original nursing colleges in the Western Cape (Carinus, Nico Malan, Sarley Dolly and Otto du Plessis) were amalgamated in 2000 and the Western Cape College of Nursing (WCCN, Single Campus) was established. In 2005, The WCCN (Department of Health) went into an agency agreement with Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). The aim was to transfer the WCCN into CPUT. However, in November 2017, the intent to terminate the agency agreement between WCCN and CPUT was communicated to all stakeholders.

The Associated Psychiatric Hospital (APH) College was commissioned in May 2006 and absorbed into the WCCN in December 2007. On 01 May 2020, The WCCN Organisational Development Instrument (ODI) was signed off which resulted in the onset of the WCCN multi campus structure (Metro East, Metro West, Boland Overberg & Southern Cape Karoo Campus).

The five nursing schools (Groote Schuur, Tygerberg, Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre, Worcester & George) accredited as Nursing Schools by the SANC, were absorbed by the WCCN in April 2012. Schools were delinked from the responsible Hospitals and absorbed by WCCN (Department of Health). The aforementioned schools functioned as Satellite sites of the mentioned Campuses until a decision was taken to close the nursing schools in 2018.


Central Administration

The Central office will house all corporate and academic functions namely: Human resources management and development, finances and infrastructure/support as well as the functions of the academic head of departments (HOD). All the campuses are served by the aforementioned in terms of the human resources, finances and infrastructure/support functions as well as the academic needs by the HODs.

De La Haye Road, Bellville, Cape Town

+27 21 831 5834


Metro West Campus

Situated in the Cape Flats area of Heideveld, the campus is a residential campus which can accommodate students living on campus. The institute provides a high quality education and training nursing programme to meet the health needs of the Western Cape Province in particular, but also the broader needs of all communities in South Africa.

Klipfontein Rd, Heideveld, Cape Town

+27 21 684 1202


Boland Overberg Campus

Currently situated on the site of Boland TVET Campus in Worcester. One of the aims is to embody and practice caring at all levels and in all spheres of nursing and society.

11810 Rainier Street, Victoria Park, Worcester

023 814 0090 / 023 814 0091


South Cape Karoo Campus

Situated in Herrie Street George. The former George Nursing School has been consolidated into Southern Cape /Karoo Campus. Entrenched in its ethos is the concept of social responsibility, so that learners are empowered to be responsible citizens, participating in addressing social needs.

1 Herrie Street, Dormehlsdrift, George

+27 44 813 1849

How to apply

Please read the information and instructions carefully before completing the application form.
Campus preference for undergraduate will be considered, but acceptance at a campus remains the discretion of the College