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WCCN Programme Tuition Fees 2025

The following tuition fees are applicable for the 2025 academic year:

Higher Certificate in Nursing (GNR169)
1 year R 26 686.80
Diploma in Nursing (GNR171)
1st year R 28 806.00
2nd year R 30 006.25
3rd year R 30 006.25
Bachelor of Nursing & Midwifery (GNR174)
1st year R47 838.00
2nd year R47 838.00
3rd year R51 425.85
4th year R58 824.50
Advanced Diploma in Midwifery (GNR1497)
1 year R31 893.60
Postgraduate Diploma Programmes (GNR635)
Mental Health,
Adult Critical Care,
Perioperative Care,
R47 838.00
Primary Care R54 838.00


Registration fee of R2500.00 is required before commencement of training and will be credited on tuition fees.

Additional fees:

The following are not included in the above tuition and remains the students’ responsibility:

  • SANC Learner registration fee as determined by SANC.
  • Dispensing course license fee after completion of course (only applicable for Primary Care programme and R174 programme 4th year)
  • SANC Registration of Additional Qualification on completion of the programme – applicable fees as determined by SANC annually.
  • Indemnity cover
  • Textbooks (Addendum A – Booklist)
  • Uniforms
  • Stationary
  • Required equipment
  • Transport
  • Meals
  • Electronic devices
  • Internet access off campus (NB there is free access to Wi-Fi on campus)
  • Medical care in case of ill health
  • Any other expenses the student may incur during the programme.


  • Single room accommodation fee is R19 314.00 for the academic year.
  • Sharing room accommodation fee is R17 920.10 for the academic year.
  • R2000.00 deposit is required before room is allocated.
  • Accommodation is limited and need to be applied for before commencement of training.