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Class of 2023 Graduation ceremony

Message from the principal

Dear Prospective Student,

I am pleased to welcome you to the Western Cape Government College of Emergency Care (WCG CEC) digital portal. WCG CEC is a public higher education that ensures access to quality training for students, whether from rural areas or metropole. Our guiding philosophy is to serve community needs; this underscores our commitment to training healthcare professionals in proximity to the communities they understand and resonate with. Our institution is in the Tygerberg Hospital precinct in Belville, Cape Town.

At the WCG CEC, we offer the one-year Higher Certificate as an Emergency Care Assistant, a qualification recognized by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. We are also excited to announce that we are in the progression phase of introducing a Diploma in Emergency Care and other emergency care qualifications.

Our academic approach combines robust theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience. Before embarking on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) journey in hospitals, primary health care clinics, and emergency medical services across our province, students gain practical expertise in our simulation laboratories. This blended learning approach ensures a holistic, well-rounded educational experience.

Our vision at WCG CEC goes beyond academic proficiency. We aim to mould students into skilled practitioners, ready to work in multidisciplinary settings, celebrating diversity, and adeptly navigating our intricate health system. As you embark on this transformative journey, you’ll find unwavering support from our dedicated academic and administrative teams.
I am confident that your academic journey with WCG CEC, complemented by experiential learning in our associated clinical facilities, will be invigorating and enriching. Our institution is committed to guiding and supporting you in realizing your professional aspirations.
In subsequent sections, you will gain insight into our institution’s vision, mission, and values – the pillars that shape our identity, ethos, and objectives. Familiarizing yourself with these principles will give you a clear picture of our commitment to excellence in higher education.

In conclusion, I am grateful for your decision to select WCG CEC as the next step in your academic and professional journey. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to personally welcome you and support you through your educational experience.


Warmest wishes for your academic endeavours.


Dr Kuben Moodley
PhD Emergency Medicine (UCT), MHSc, PGDip Higher Education training, BTEMC, Dip EMC


Principal: Western Cape Government College of Emergency Care

How to apply

For information on how to apply – Please call the Western Cape Government College of Emergency Care, during office hours, on 021 938 4115

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