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What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior learning is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual on relevant prior learning. (Nursing/Home Base Care workers).

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Process

RPL Process to be followed by Prospective Candidates

Application Phase

Applicant completes WCCN standard application form

Applicant completes the WCCN RPL application form

Attach all documents requested by WCCN on standard application form; including proof of payment of R 150.00 administration fee, as well as completed RPL application form.

Application closing date for RPL 30 June 2021

Screening of RPL Application

RPL facilitator reviews completed application documents

Notify RPL Administrator of outcome

Notify applicant of outcome and date for interview/consultation

RPL Administrator advise applicant of alternative options if unsuccessful or

Successful applicants to pay an amount of R 350.00 for the facilitation and assessment phase prior to the commencement of the facilitation phase.

Completion date 15 July 2021

Facilitation Phase

Interview/Consult with RPL candidate- regarding purpose of RPL and RPL processes (see above) to be followed as well as requirements of each

RPL facilitator implements a workshop extending over a maximum period of 1month part time.

The facilitation phase is a face to face engagement

RPL facilitator provide candidate with guidance in terms of evidence collection during the workshop

RPL facilitator liaise with WCCN RPL committee/ Executive Committee when/as required

August 2021 - September 2021

Assessment Phase

Assessment tasks and/evidence is submitted and assessed against the first-year programme entry requirements by RPL facilitator and marked by subject specialist

The RPL program assessment report is written and submitted for moderation

Completion date 30 September 2021

Moderation Phase

Internal moderation to be conducted by the RPL Committee

Submission of moderation report, assessment report and evidence collected to RPL Advisor/ RPL Committee/Executive Committee.

RPL Advisor submit a summary of moderation and assessment report to SENATE for approval

Chairperson of RPL Committee gives approval in writing or refers report back to Executive Committee in event of no approval


Candidate may appeal against relevant features of assessment and moderation processes (i.e. discriminatory treatment/unreasonable delays) as guided by the RPL policy

Mid October 2021

Institutional Approval and Notification of Results

RPL Committee submit all relevant document/reports signed by the Head of Academia/ college to Senate Executive Committee in the event of Appeal Process

Senate Executive Committee informs RPL Committee of approval/refers report back to RPL committee with rationale for no approval

Or Senate Executive Committee submit rationale to the Head of Academia /Chairperson RPL Committee for reconsideration/resubmission

RPL Committee are notified by Senate Executive Committee of RPL results

RPL Committee informs candidate of approval in writing.

By end of October 2021

Download Application Forms

Please complete the WCCN General nursing application form as well as the WCCN RPL application form.

Note: Closing date for RPL Applications is 30 June 2021